March 21, 2019 Michael Kolchesky‏

Speaker at Laval Virtual 2019

I had the privilege to be invited to participate as a speaker at the Laval Virtual 2019 event, that is one of the biggest VR/XR and high technologies event in France and Europe.
Here is some of the schedule of the 2019 event:
Laval virtual 2019 Michael kolchesky
Speaker in a panel about VR ception with one of the most influential persons on the VR/XR world – Charles NDUKA and Gaël SEYDOUX , moderated by Benjamin DE WIT from VR days commission.
Immersion a brain effect or is it more? “Immersion”, a new magical but the often meaningless word. What is immersion today? What are the benefits for users and how to “make it better”? Do we need ultra-realism, perfect UX, amazing storytelling, all of it? Is it mandatory to cheat the human brain or could we use a shortcut? This session will help you understand what matters … and what doesn’t.
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