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European creators' Lab November 2021

European developer lab

I had been selected for the European Creators Lab, to be a part of this amazing group of creators from more than 20 counties just been inspiring, It’s been a very intensive week full of XR magic.

Learning more about Experimental Design & Immersive, Storytelling, Virtual Reality, Metaverse, XR, Mix reality, creating worlds with different stools, Blockchain, UX design and party in virtual worlds creating your own avatar and exploring peoples magic worlds made by Unity tools and more.

These meetings and conferences were online with special events and workshops on VRchat and Altspace.


How do we make a better world? Can we? This virtual world could be better for education, diversity, creativity, connectivity, networking, and how can we control it? First thing first, let step into the new era of the new medium and new world of ourselves.

But please let’s not forget the important subject like our planet, education and a good stakeholder network of support and better communication.


Thanks for the team that was organized by: Astrid Kahmke and XR HUB Bavaria and is packed with presentations and sessions offered by international specialists and XR artists including:

Kent ByeLiz Rosenthal @XR HUB Bavariahaël, XR HUB Bavariaich, Philipp MaasLena ThieleKathrin BrunnerOliver CzeslikIngrid KoppSara Lisa VoglElisabeth MayerAna Brzezińska Alex HerrmannRicardo Laganaro and Matthias Leitner

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