March 15, 2017 Michael Kolchesky‏

Desperados project at VR AR technologies

With collaboration with DV group the project, AR/VR takes at 2015 a very big step at the future of publicity and the use of the new technologies to attack and make the product innovated, interactive and attractive.

You need to download the Desperados app
¨Desperados la version augmented 2017¨

then to use the camera phone to centre the real product, then the magic happens when the AR animation takes place and cover the real botel, then you have several steps in the app that lead you to a VR time-lapse experience of the artist that was making his shape inside a cube for 4 days, then the artist use paintbrush of the VIVE application to add more interactive to his real creation, and for last you have the making of all layers that makes this app very innovated and show the multiplay uses of the Virtual/Augmented reality use.

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