May 4, 2017 Michael Kolchesky‏

BMW 360° Project

Since 2014 Michael Kolchesky had been specialized in shooting interior cars at 360° for worldwide interactive tours and for Virtual Reality uses applications and publicity use.

You can ask yourself why is shooting interior cars is more complicated than other 360° panoramic photography, the reason is the size and the proximity of the subject to the camera that makes it a challenge to get the perfect stitched panorama.

Adding to this challenge is that you need to shoot more than 30 interior cars + exterior car show and deliver it within 48 hours.

Mayne of many will say it is impossible, but with the right technique and the right team, you can achieve everything (without sleeping much of course).

*Part of Michael Kolchesky speech for the IVRPA – Professional Virtual Reality community conference at Prague 2017

I had the chance to be the 360° photographer and team manager of all worldwide salons, I had travelled to shoot the BMW, MINI and Rolls Royce in various countries as my own town, Paris, Geneva, Frankfurt, Beijing, London, and Los Angeles.

As well as shooting the famous 100 Years of BMW show with the exceptional concepts- cars, I had the chance to be one of the speakers at IVRPA 2016 Prague professional conference and showcase the challenges those projects had and how to overcome the obstacles on the technical issues those projects can aport on.

As without a good team and persons who support and be with you nothing is doable, I want to have a huge thanks to my best team members: Jürgen schrader and Jann Lipka that support and help me with their great talent and professionality.

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