April 19, 2007 Michael Kolchesky‏

Art and Apathy

tribeca film FESTIVAL
Art and Apathy is an exploration of political art in Israel, woven together through visual compositions with courageous underground voices and mainstream artists treading the edges of controversial political conversations.

The film was winning an award in 2010 at the Tribeca film festival at New York USA

Stills photography by Michael kolchesky
Winner of BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT FILM at Tribeca Film Festival in 2008. The cultural impact of Israeli society’s militarization has both challenged and stifled the cultivation of creativity in the country. Mandatory Service asks a series of often ignored questions about how forced military service – and resistance to it – influences Israeli artists’ efforts to re-civilize the consciousness of Israeli society.
Directed by Jessica Habie
Produced by Nirah Shirozipour
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