April 4, 2019 Michael Kolchesky‏

360° education game for EHL

EHL Launches Its First Ever Virtual Reality Course

Virtual Reality in Education: Welcome to the New Age of Learning

Any educator or trainer will tell you: it’s hard to get students’ attention…with distractions coming from cell phones, computers and other devices. Consequently, a war is being waged in classrooms around the world.
The rules of the game have changed; students just aren’t the same; the teachers of tomorrow can either fight technology…or use it to their advantage.
These technologies have many advantages. They foster a great deal of curiosity so why not use them to get students’ attention and get them involved in class? Explaining to a student what a production line looks like is one thing; being able to show him or her – via a virtual reality headset – is a whole different kettle of fish.
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Director of production and VFX : Luc Serrano
360° imagery production: Michael Kolchesky
Unity developer: Nicolas Mondange 
Coordinator development: Laurent Lefebvre
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