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Immersive and interactive: VR / AR / XR 360° experiences with quality expertise for 360° video, Panoramic HDR 16K photography
and 3D contents We help you to manage your VR project so that the final product meets your goals and expectations.

More than 15 years experience
with passion for high-end product and innovation solutions.
We will help you define your creative projects and put them in place
the best strategy with creative ideas that will use the most recent cutting-edge technology on the market
everything is possible if you can only imagine it.
Consulting & Strategy

Consulting & Strategy

* Concept development
* VR consulting
* VR training
* Storytelling – Storyboard
* Scenario
* VR Artistic and technologic direction



* 360° Videos (4K-12K)
* Virtual Reality experiences
* Interactive tours 360°
* Immersive 360°
* Live stream 360°
* Post-production 360° + VR tools compositing
* VFX – special effects
* Photogrammetry 3D scanning
* 3D Modeling
* Development HTML & Applications
* E-Learning & training tours
* Virtual Showroom
* 360° Product photography



* Diffusion strategy
* Events solutions
* 360° website
* VR Head-sets Sync solution
* Immersive and interactive campaigns
* AR Instagram filters
* Solutions in Augmented reality

Our Service
Our Work

Video 360 - Cinematic VR

Visual Solutions 360 provide end-to-end production services for cinematic immersive experiences and VFX supports
We help you to manage your project so that the final product meets your goals and expectations.
The creative possibilities are endless in terms of the use of Video 360°

With more than 12 years’ experiencewith passion for high-end innovation solutions

If the quality of your content is important to you,

we are here to bring to life the Virtual Reality your ideas and concepts

Our Work
Our Work

Interactive 360° Virtual Tours

Let us build your 360° Interactive Virtual Tours adapted to your business and clients.
Attract your clients by using the most popular technical support to show the best of your spaces, products, and services.
With the best image quality panoramic and 360 video capturing, putting the best interaction with immersive,
interactive adapted to any support, like, VR headsets, websites, iPad, mobile and offline solutions

Our Work
Our Work

360° events

360° services for events:
  • Live-streaming in 360°: shows, concerts, events, games, conferences.
  • Persons individuals and groups in 360° - setups for animated 360° GIF
  • VR headsets cinema/interactive setups
  • Easy social media sharing interactive solutions
Our Work
Our Work
Our Work

Clients & Partners

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Michael Kolchesky is the founder of Visual Solutions 360

(​SIRET: 892 171 505 00019)

With degrees in photography and visual arts from the Musrara Nagar Academy in Jerusalem (2005-2007) and the Art Institute in Atlanta, USA (2003), Michael Kolchesky quickly developed a passion for new virtual reality technologies and became one of the pioneers in this field.
She has been working as a technical expert in 360° imaging for over 13 years (since 2009), and has given lectures and masterclasses at international events.
She has contributed to over 700 VR/XR/MR projects as a technical consultant, 360° camera operator and post-production expert specific to these new media in several languages.

She was the Vice President of the IVRPA (International Virtual Reality Professional Association) from 2017 to 2019 and helped to organize international conferences at Vienna (2017) Tokyo (2018) and Belfast (2019).

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Visual Solutions 360 - VR immersive and interactive 360° solutions experts

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